The Cross and the Crucified

A monument to our sins
Erected on Golgotha
An instrument of torture
A bringer of death

We hung our Saviour on that tree
Lifted him up like the bronze serpent
Drove those nails into his flesh
Made a mockery of his condition

How wretched are we!
We who crucified the Lord of glory!
Forsaken by all, he hung in agony
Gasping for breath

The wrath of God fell from heaven
The sin of all became as his
All went dark
He cried out his last

It was done
The Son of God dead on that cross
Victory for the evil one
The hope of the faithful shattered

The body removed in solemn piety
An empty cross remained
Is this it?
Was it all for naught?

Then on that glorious third
He returned
For no man can kill the Son of God
No devil can hold him captive

Hope returned
In a rush of glorious light
The day dawned again
Night was swept away

The cross remains empty
A monument to our sins no longer
Now a sign of our salvation
The hope of eternity

Jesus Christ was crucified for you.